People and Partners

PHASE is hosted by the Manchester School of Architecture, which is a joint School between the Manchester Universities.

We have a number of internal academic partners from across disciplines, key external cross-sector practitioner partners and a large number of community connections.

For all enquiries, contact Dr. Stefan White <>.


  • Dr. Stefan White

    Senior Enterprise Fellow, Architect

    Stefan leads the PHASE Post-doctoral research consultancy work and the MSA project Post-graduate teaching programme with Helen Aston.

    Visit Dr. Stefan White's website

  • Helen Aston

    Senior Lecturer

    Helen leads both the MSA projects post-graduate and the MSA praxis under-graduate teaching programmes at MSA, contributing to the PHASE research consultancy strategy and developing community-engaged architectural design-research.

    Visit Helen Aston's website

  • Mark Hammond

    PhD candidate and Research Assistant

    Mark is a co-researcher in the Post-Doctoral research consultancy projects.

  • Dr. Kim Foale

    Reseach Associate

    Kim founded Geeks for Social Change, and is developing tools to create healty communities. They are the CTO for PlaceCal, our age-friendly event calendar.

    Visit Dr. Kim Foale's website