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PHASE is a great a place to study, from undergraduate courses to world-class research.

PhD Opportunities

Our staff possess a unique and broad range of interests and expertise across theory and design, policy and practice.

Research students have their own rooms and facilities located physically at the heart of the School and are centrally involved in all scholarly activities

PhD/MPhil information

Postgraduate projects

MSA projects is a research led teaching and learning environment which operates alongside the delivery of live, commissioned design-research undertaken by PHASE at the Manchester School of Architecture (MSA).

It produces design-research addressing the spatial dimensions of social exclusion and community-engaged design projects developing inclusive urban environments.

MSA Projects Blog MA prospectus

Undergraduate study

MSA Praxis is a BA3 atelier at the Manchester School of Architecture.

We investigate real communities whilst using the architectural, research and creative skills of the students in parallel with the deep local knowledge of residents.

MSA Praxis Blog BA (Hons) prospectus

PhD Theses

Doctoral research by PHASE students and staff.

MA Yearbooks

Compilations of our final year MA students' work.