Cheetham Hill Urban Living Lab


An urban design and community engagement project exploring dimensions of spatial exclusion in North Manchester.

This study was commissioned by North Manchester Regeneration team, Agefriendly Manchester and ZEST North Manchester Healthy Living Network. The study explores the experience of participants in accessing the full range of facilities in their neighbourhood with respect to their location relative to ‘Cheetham Hill Village’.

The focus of the study is made with respect to the WHO Age-friendly City (AFC) framework. This represents an attempt at providing an holistic view of the relationship between the urban environment and the well-being of citizens as they age. A key principle of the AFC guidance is that of enabling citizens to ‘actively age’, removing barriers to and enabling productive social participation to promote physical and mental well-being, increasing both the quality and length of life. While participants of all ages have been engaged, there has been a strong emphasis on older people, examining the role the district centre plays in the social and civic participation of residents of local neighbourhoods with respect to their ability to ‘actively-age’. To specifically address these issues of well-being within the WHO AFC framework, the research will address its research questions to relate to a ‘5 ways to well-being’ approach, incorporating the 5 holistic aspects of ‘well-being’ identified by the New Economics Foundation research into both focus group questions and community audit questionnaires.