Manchester Age Friendly Neighbourhoods

2016 — 2020

We are the Manchester Age-friendly Neighbourhoods Team, a group aiming to bring people together to develop plans to help make the neighbourhoods of Burnage, Moston & New Moston, Hulme & Moss Side and Miles Platting better for older residents

Manchester Age Friendly Neighbourhoods is part of a Greater Manchester Ambition for Ageing Programme. Ambition for Ageing in Manchester is coordinated by the Manchester Age Friendly Neighbourhood team (MAFN) based in PHASE at the Manchester School of Architecture at MMU in partnership with Southways Housing Trust. MAFN are a multi-disciplinary team of researchers, urban designers, a health and social care manager, architects and community development workers who will be co-researching with residents about how Age Friendly their neighbourhood is now and how to make it better.

We are working in the following neighbourhoods:

  • Burnage
  • Hulme & Moss Side
  • Moston & New Moston
  • Miles Platting

A new resident-led Partnership has been set up in each neighbourhood to promote active ageing, increase older people’s participation and to make the neighbourhood more Age Friendly. We are going to be working with residents to create an Age-Friendly Action Plan which will develop activities and projects to make the neighbourhood more Age-Friendly.

MAFN are supported by a Steering Group which includes partners from Southways, Manchester City Council, Age Friendly Manchester, NHS/ CCG, MMU and representatives of each Neighbourhood Partnership Board.

Here are some key facts about the programme:

  • Ambition for Ageing is funded by The Big Lottery as part of their Ageing Better programme to improve the lives of older people.
  • The Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation’s (GMCVO) Ambition for Ageing project received £10.2m to lead work in 24 wards across 8 local authorities in Greater Manchester for a 5 year programme.
  • Manchester Age Friendly Neighbourhoods (MAFN) won the tender to be Local Delivery Leads (LDL) for Manchester City.
  • The project is designed to develop resident-led Age Friendly Neighbourhood partnerships in each area working towards reducing social isolation and researching how this can best be achieved.
  • MAFN are a specialist team based at the Manchester School of Architecture (MSA) at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) working in partnership with Southway Housing Trust.
  • Each LDL has three wards or areas where they are concentrating their work - Manchester Age Friendly Neighbourhoods (MAFN) are working in Burnage, Moston and Hulme & Moss Side.
  • Hulme and Moss Side were put together by GMVCO and MCC and on the basis that Hulme has a lower population of older people and the funding was allocated proportionately with 29% each for Burnage and Moston and 42% for Hulme & Moss Side together.
  • The resident-led partnerships will develop and invest in resident-led projects designed to tackle social isolation and increase age friendliness in each neighbourhood.
  • Over 44% of the Manchester LDL funding will be directly invested by the partnerships in resident-led projects = £324,000 until March 2020. (£93,960 for Burnage; £93,960 for Moston and £136,080 for Hulme and Moss Side)
  • The remaining money fund a support team with one person working on the ground in each area three days a week until June 2017.
  • MMU make no profit and along with other project partners provide substantial support in kind.

Key Dates

  • Project started January 4th 2016
  • Project runs until March 2020 (First Phase of project ends June 2017)
  • Project launched January 28th 2016
  • Individual neighbourhood partnership launched in February 2016 (Miles Platting in July 2016)


The MAFN office 0161 247 5960

Project general website

Project general enquiries Mark Hammond 07973973182

Hulme and Moss side Emily Crompton 07973973184

Burnage Kat Wong 07973973183

Catherine Morris 0161 448 4281

Moston Matthew Youngson 07973973185

Miles Platting Jude Wells 07973973186