Not Content: Projects for a Shared City

2009 — 2013

Manchester School of Architecture Projects review of the Sharing the City project, 2009-2013.

This book is a celebration and review of work from Manchester School of Architecture’s Projects office (MSAp) over the last four years. The Projects office was set up by the school to engage with the broader life of the city and its citizens, to both enrich the disci- pline and attempt to share its gifts. The book was launched to ac- company an exhibition and workshop events including a showcase for a wide range of films exploring the relationship between archi- tecture, the city and its citizens.

The book and exhibition are titled Not content because the work they show is born out of an optimistic dissatisfaction with the world, knowing it can be better and wishing to work to make it so. It is sub-titled projects for a shared city because we relate our architectural skills to the social life of the city through the idea of a ‘Project’ - active and collaborative attempts to make improvements to our world. We engage directly both with those who are af- fected by and who affect the city’s development, including its policy makers, social agencies and communities. Our work is open to be affected by these unusual meetings and encounters and to allow projects to emerge from them. We hold as central this principle of co-operation and collaboration because the city in particular is a place which only becomes loved when its citizens are able to share it - not just own it.